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Magifying glass, Wide angle lens or Telescope-Charts to Visualize your Family Tree
0 years of experience is here to help you create any kind of genealogy chart. The visual presentation of a familyís history can be a powerful communication and research tool for the genealogist. Come learn from the pros how to visually involve your family in their family history.

Tour of the Family ChartMasters Website

We can help you with so many kinds of charts that itís hard to see it all in one website. Come take this 10 minute tour with the Chart Chick to see all the options that are available to you.

Gateway to Family ChArtist

Design your chart yourself with our easy to use website. This video has 30 minutes with all the tips and tricks to make the most of this free, award winning tool. Choose a layout design and explore the 1000s of graphics options. Learn how to add information and pictures and then simply order your oversized chart to arive in the mail.

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Family ChartMasters Kids CD Cover

Video Quantity: ($29.95 ea)

Grandmaís Bullet Proof Vest: Why Your Children Need Family History

Why would your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews need to know more about their family history? The benefits include emotional healing, inspiration, perspective on life and knowing you are part of a greater whole. Make sure the next generation in your family have the benefits found here.

Grandpaís on my iPhone: Social Networking for the Genealogist

Inspire your kids by hitting them where they live. Using social networking such as blogging, podcasts, facebook, and twitter, you can learn more about your familyís history and be sharing it with your family at the same time.

Hatching Eggs: The Chart Chick Engages Her Teenage Children

Surprising new ways interconnect your teenagers with their family history. Based on the adventures and fumbles of Janet's experiments in engaging her own teenagers. Be inspired by what might work with your children and grandchildren. Includes the 6+1 rules for engaging your family members.

My Motherís Manipulations: Ideas For Getting Your Whole Family Involved

Tons of ideas for creating excitment in your family about the people who came before. Activites and resources for all ages. How to surround yourself with various reminders of your heritage to encourage curiosity in the family.