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You can be assured that you and your loved ones will be remembered and enjoy the peace of knowing your family memories will live on

At Family ChartMasters, we know you want to be remembered and you want your loved ones to be remembered too. The problem is that time marches on and memories fade, leaving you with anxiety and a fear of loss. We believe your family and their individual stories should not be forgotten.

We understand what it feels like to worry about how you are going to preserve your family’s history and make sure it’s passed down, which is why we have helped create over 40,000 charts to preserve family memories in more than 64 countries around the world.

Here’s how we do it: 1. Send in your info for a free consultation, 2. Work with your personal designer to create the perfect chart for your family, and 3. Preserve your family memories in a beautiful heirloom conversation piece.

So, send in your info today for your consultation. And if you’re not ready yet, download our free guide on how to gather the information you’ll need. When you have your information gathered, we’re ready to create the perfect chart for you, so you can stop worrying that you and your loved ones will be forgotten and instead enjoy the peace of knowing your family memories will live on.

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We’ve sent over 40,000 charts to families in over 64 countries and we’re partnered with many major family history companies, including:

FamilySearch RootsMagic Family Tree Maker

Set-Style Charts

Are you looking for an inexpensive but beautiful display? Are you confident your data is correct? Try our new Set Style Charts! With set designs and no online previews, we are able to offer these designer charts at a lower cost than our completely custom charts. Each chart is designed and refined by a designer to make sure everything fits perfectly. You can just relax and watch for the chart to show up in your mail.

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Working Charts

Expansive, inexpensive “family reunion draft” type charts to get your information onto paper so you can see everything. This chart type is perfect for adding notes and having a central place to update information. Quick and easy, no online preview.

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Custom Decorative Charts

Heirloom, archival quality charts handcrafted from your information. You preview your decorative chart online so we can print exactly what you want. Look through our photo gallery for ideas to spark your imagination. We can create any design from any kind of family information.

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User-Designed Charts

Submit your own design for printing. We take files you have created with RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, Legacy, TMG, Ancestral Quest, design programs, PDFs and more. You can choose from seven different paper qualities ranging from draft to archival for printing.

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Fill-in-the-Blank Charts

Choose from many styles to suit your preference. This type of chart preserves handwriting or is an ideal choice for use during ongoing research. When used while researching, it is motivating and inspiring to see your family history fill in.

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

$25 or $50 gift certificates are available for purchase. Give the gift that preserves your family legacy. Easy to purchase and print immediately on your home printer.

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Personalized DNA Ethnicity Charts

It only takes 5 minutes to create your own beautiful, personalized 20″x24″ Family History DNA chart. Just enter your ethnicity estimates, choose from the three beautiful styles, upload an optional picture, and then order your chart.

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"Antique" Themed DNA Chart